The Tagger Equipment and Unique Arena

Our taggers are built by Battlefield Sports, who are world leaders in the development of this type of equipment. It’s not cheap, but we know the quality of the equipment we use is key to providing an A - grade experience.




We have a truly unique arena, made up of over 60 large pieces of cover that will be rearranged to suit the different game modes that players experience.  Set up time is super quick, indoor or outdoors and in all types of weather. We are confident that there is nothing that comes even close to what we do in the urban environment.


With the advice and support of our team, participants will even get to construct and defend their own base, making each day truly unique for everyone involved.

Please take a look at this YouTube video to get an insight into the arena we provide

The Experience

Whether during a party, or one of our whole day holiday clubs, players will get to take part in some fantastic games with really experienced staff that are specialised in making sure everyone has the best fun and is part of a great team. Like any good game, teamwork, skills and tactics are paramount in each Laser-Tag team being successful. As with many other games and activities, such as fencing, archery and track and field events, the Laser-Tag game concept is a sporting offshoot of a military nature and our staff are experienced in advising teams on tactics that will support them.  The priority is very much on team sporting success and enjoyment, rather than a ‘cadet’ style camp and we truly believe every participant will have a superb time.


Please take a look at our Facebook page for recent photos and videos of events.


The Team

Our highly professional team has pooled together a wealth of sporting and military experiences to make for the best events possible. We have cherry picked the best of everyone's knowledge, from military deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as teaching PE and sports coaching in a wide variety of activities. First and foremost, every player will enjoy some exciting and challenging game modes, but they will also get some top-drawer advice about how to develop their own skills and team tactics in order to have a really fun day.

Booking and 100% Refund Option for holiday clubs

We understand that arranging the summer can be tricky for families and, unlike most other holiday experience companies, we offer a 100% refund for any booking cancelled with at least 48 hours notice of the event day starting. We would rather give the space to someone on the waiting list, rather than see the space go unused. Book HERE to secure your space now.